Moana Medical Spa Testimonials

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This TENS & EMS Unit is essential for me to use to maintain the high-level workouts that I love to do. It has helped with my knee and shoulder pain due to over training.

Lisa P Newman

It is an excellent product!!!

Just like my PT uses on me!

Amazon Customer

Top notch service

I’d heard about chemical peels and decided I would give it a try. As a busy professional, I like the convenience of having services in the privacy of my home. Dr Boyd went over the process and what to expect afterwards. I have sensitive skin so she recommended we start “light” which was good since I did feel some tingling pretty fast. I used her after-care products – they really minimize the discomfort and help the skin recover fast. I loved how smooth my skin felt a few days later and will definitely do it again! I have also been using her Monoi all summer to keep my skin soft and hydrated and will go to her for my Botox and Juvederm treatments next. I like that she’s a Dr and promotes a natural look. I highly recommend Moana Medical Spa.

Francine Dubois

Amazing Experience

Best experience hands down!! Dr. Boyd was so caring and took her time! Throughout the whole procedure she was checking on me, making sure I was comfortable!!! During my aftercare, Dr. Boyd was checking up on me, making sure I didn’t have any questions, and checking on my healing process. She loves what she does and loves her clients! I get so many compliments on my lips. I am a forever client! “


Kristina W

Midweek Uplift!

“Dr. Boyd shifted the direction of my mid week exhaustion with her IV Therapy house call. I was feeling run down with fatigue.

My career and two boys demand a lot from me in my day-to-day life. Usually, my healthy lifestyle enables me to power through. However, this particular week was a rough one.

I called Dr. Boyd and she came over to help. Her medical expertise coupled with compassion was just what I needed. The procedure took less than an hour and I felt energized after.

Thank you Dr. Yasmina Boyd”

~Lisa Paul-Newman: CFO/Partner Sharkeez Restaurant Group/ Co-Creator Fierce Lotus Fitness

Lisa Paul-Newman
Sharkeez Restaurant Group/ Fierce Lotus Fitness

Feeling Great

Dr. Boyd was super professional and I received an IV Therapy at the convenience of my own home. I was feeling a little run-down but afterward, I felt energized.  I typically do not drink enough water throughout the day so this helped with my lack of hydration. It was super convenient and I can’t wait to do it again.
Eric Fonoimoana
Olympic Gold Medalist- Men's Beach Volleyball 2000 Sydney Summer Games

Bad Fall!

I split my bottom lip in 3 places when the surfboard rail impacted my face during a wipeout. It requires 7 stitches. I used the Moana Aqua Hydra Heal several times a day for 2 weeks and I am amazed at how it sped the healing! Smooth, soft, undetectable! No plastic surgery required as there is NO scar. Easy! Thanks Dr. Boyd for introducing it to me!

Peter Touringy

Thank you Dr. Boyd

Dr Boyd was amazing.  Thank you for your caring attention to detail!!!

Brad Sexsmith